Making E-Commerce Easier by

Discovering Products that Profit.

Indivica is an e-commerce infrastructure platform that
connects wholesalers to retailers and through efficiency
gains unlocks massive value for everyone.

How it works

We do the hard work

We do the hard work of analyzing tons of
e-commerce data using an artificial intelligence
algorithm to help you find great products.

You spend less time

You spend less time searching for wholesale products
because our algorithm provides digestible insights on
an item’s volume, competition, and profitability.

You focus on scaling the products

Now you can focus on scaling your e-commerce
business rather than scrambling to find products,
becuase Invidica makes e-commerce easy by
using data to help you find products that profit.

Wholesale Products Backed by Data

We give you access to our catalog of over
10,000 brands that we’ve vetted through our
own hands-own curation and data. With every
brand on Invidica, their products are backed by
our patented algorithm that predicts sales
volume, profitability, and more. So when selling
with Invidica, you’re selling great brands with
great products backed by our intuition and data.

Why endure the struggle of searching for profitable
wholesale products or working with middle-man
distributors when we’ve already done the hard work
for you and analyzed tons of e-commerce data?
With Invidica, we’ve crunched the numbers and have
tens of thousands of great products backed by data to
help fill your e-commerce store with products that profit.

Great Brands with Great Products

Buy from Credible Brands Backed by Data

  • You can be confident that you’re selling quality products from verified brands, because we’ve worked with many of
    these companies, vetted their products, and the data doesn’t lie: our algorithm shows that their products have a
    proven record of sales. Invidica helps you discover products that sell and don’t sit on shelves.

Relax and Enjoy the Time and Returns

  • There’s no need to sit on your product. Just let the drop shipping companies send it out. It doesn’t even have to
    touch your doorstep! All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy your success, and spend your free time doing
    what you want…

Let Invidica Help Build Your Sales

We’re looking for great brands that have great products. If you think you
have a stellar brand, please reach out! We can help you reach a wider
audience to increase your brand awareness and success. We’d love to
have you join the growing league of successful brands on Invidica.


Invidica is a Portfolio investment of the world’s
premier Tech incubator 500 Startups, alongside them
we’ve partnered with large brands throughout the world.

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