eCommerce Reimagined; Data-Driven Reselling Like You Have Never Seen Before

We make it easy to navigate your experience as a business owner, save time, money, and optimize conversion rates. Get access to up-to-the-minute sales data on thousands of products. Save time by leveraging our buying power and analytics to start or upscale your business quickly. Find profitable products and start growing with just a few clicks.

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We Optimize The Buying Process, You Focus On Finding The Items to Sell

Stop wasting your time sourcing products, calculating profit margins, product risk, or necessary inventory. We do the behind-the-scenes work for you and return an easy to use analytics scorecard for over 100,000 available products.


We are Rethinking The Way Retailers Buy.

No more product pictures! We use scorecards that are based on key metrics. We take the guesswork out of reselling by providing you accurate sales data, estimated profit margins and other key metrics.


No Need to Hose or Ship Inventory to Your Location

We want to make your reselling experience simple, easy, and most of all fast. The Invidica syncs with your storefront, automatically creating listings, auto updating pricing, and shipping to fulfillment centers. There is no need to worry about storing inventory or even personally handling it.


Accelerate Your Growth With Frictionless Financing

Everybody knows that even with access to great products the fastest way to grow is access to more capital. Reduce turnaround time by 50% with partners like American Express, and Clearco. Get access to $50,000.00 with 0% interest financing in under 10 seconds.

*If approved by select partners.*

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It doesn't matter if you are a new to ecommerce or a large retailer looking to streamline your product acquisition and sales, all the information you need to start or grow a successful business is here in one place. Our online tools, inventory automation, and financing resources for eCommerce reselling give you peace of mind on your path to success. We are the one-stop shop for analytics, inventory, and financing.

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