Data-Driven Wholesale Marketplace

Data-Driven Wholesale Marketplace With Distributor-Level Pricing

Our wholesale marketplace uses sales performance data to help you find great products at distributor-level pricing. With the data to help you find products and our relationships with top name brands to get you affordable prices, we’re the one-stop shop for your e-commerce needs.

Find Profitable Products and Predict Sales Volume

We analyze tons of data to uncover e-commerce trends. These data-driven insights will help you build a list of products based on their predicted profitability and other key metrics.



Great Brands with Distribution-Level Best Price to Maximize Your Profit

We have over 20k products from established name brands that we’ve selected based on their pattern of profits in the data. We work directly with them to get you their most affordable prices to give your retail store the cutting edge even among competitors.

Hands-Off Inventory by Shipping Directly to Amazon

On some e-commerce sites it can take you up to 30 days to get paid after making a sale! There’s no wait with Invidica. Once you’ve signed up and made your first purchase, to increase your cash flow, we recommend you sign up for For each qualified retailer we will give $500.00 in Invidica credit that can go towards scaling your retail store.


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