Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend our users setup an Amazon Seller’s account. However, a Seller’s Permit is mandatory for membership. In addition, we can only facilitate retailers with opening orders over $3000.00. Don’t worry you can still apply and once we remove the restriction we will let you know!

Invidica’s marketplace works directly with over 100 name brands. Most brands have high opening purchase requirements. Using our analytics, however, we are able to identify the best products and give our retailers the best price possible. This maximizes the profit potential for your store.

Depending on whether or not you sell on Amazon’s marketplace as an FBA seller it varies. For most accounts under $3000.00 in value, usually no more than 1-2 hours a week. For larger accounts of $20,000.00 or more usually double that.

Before we let you roam the site, we require all new users to attend an onboarding seminar. If you are extremely new to retail, we advise that you allow our internal team to help with your first purchase. This way when you resell you have a stronger understanding of the e-commerce space.

Depending on whether you are a brick and mortar store, an E-Commerce business or somewhere in the middle, you have a variety of outlets such as Amazon, Ebay, or even your Shopify storefront. We advise most of our users to sell on Amazon through their FBA program.

Depending on which platform you sell on, you will get your returns between 1-14 days after the sale. We recommend using platforms like to speed this up.

Anyone who sells products online, be it your own website, or using another 3rd party marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc).

Given the nature of E-Commerce you do not need a business license or any incorporation status. We do advise people to get their own EIN, and if you choose to use Brex as a partner you will need an LLC.

Yes, you do need a seller’s permit to use Invidica. A seller’s permit gives you the authorization to sell products and services within the jurisdiction granting the license. There are numerous online services that can provide you with a sellers permit within a day.

Depending on the marketplace you use and the brands you purchase from, you may or may not have to pay for shipping. For Amazon FBA resellers, you get discounted UPS and LTL (Freight)  shipping using Amazon’s account(s).

You print the labels from your Amazon account and then you send them to us at

No, you have complete control over your money and your account. 

Nope. Since we choose your products using data, they already have a high predicted demand and should sell easily.

For your first couple ones, we’ll create your buylist for you and after that you have access to the platform where you can do it manually.

Please click the link to find out how Amazon platform handles lost shipments.

Sorry we couldn’t answer all your questions here. Please reach out to us here

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